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At SenzoLive we understand that our clients are currently needing to answer various questions around their corporate real estate portfolio including: how is it being utilized, what is the optimal meeting room size and the number of meeting rooms required, or how do they create a workspace that retains talent and improves employees productivity.

The SenzoLive software can openly be integrated into any 3rd-party facilities and real estate software, meeting room and desk booking systems, building management (BMS) to reduce energy supply and facilitating predictive facilities maintenance.

The SenzoLive provides a global solution that combines big data with space utilization analytics. This enables companies to optimize their workspace, reduce operating costs and achieve efficiencies, quickly and simply.



Co. Reg. No. BRN: PV 00207317 

Regus, Bernards Business Park, 2nd Floor,

No. 106, Dutugemunu Street, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka 10350


Tel: +94 (0) 117 444 000


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