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ESCO exceeds today's technological demands in delivering omnipresent presentations, with our complete range of projectors, from desktop, ceiling mount, compact, portable, wireless, interactive to edge blended, split-screen, multi-bulb, ultra-high resolution projectors. We work with you to design the most appropriate solution for your space. Leveraging today's technologies to ensure you have an awe inspiring experience, whilst keeping your installation future proof and easy to use.

Projector Screens


To complement the advancement of projectors that have increased in specification over the years, ESCO offers the widest selection of leading projection screen fabric and materials in our industry. Trending towards a whole new era of screen displays, ESCO offers screens with special features that cater to a wide variety of needs, such as light-weighted, compact, durable and maintenance-free. Whether you need a projection screen for a corporate boardroom or a residential media room, you will find what you are looking for through our experienced sales engineers. ESCO represents a wide range of brands that would surely meet your demands of the right projector screen within your budget and requirements.


Mounting Solution


Technological equipment are not all that ESCO provides, to house the equipment, ESCO also customises furniture to make workspace smarter and more spacious.



Digital Displays including LCD, LED's Large Format Video Walls, Electronic Score Boards and Backlit LEDs are some examples of digital display solutions available. As consumers have higher demand in terms of larger screens, higher resolution with brighter and rich colours when it comes to selection of display panels. Through our partnerships with a number of the world's leading display manufacturers, our sales engineers would be able to recommend and advise you on the ideal digital displays panel that can meet your requirements and specifications.



Digital Signages


Interactive Digital Signage has taken precedence in today's technologically advanced society. As an interactive and informative advertising tool, it can deliver customised, relevant and interesting multimedia content that could be easily created and controlled.


ESCO provides solutions to enhance sales and marketing returns through content creation and a wide selection of intelligent software and hardware from various reputable brands.


The creation of content from various brands and products, coupled with cost effective pricing and competitive system technologies enable Interactive Digital Signages to fulfil today's communication needs. A Digital Signage opens the mind to a whole new level of mass communication media.



Digital Media

& Content Creation


Media content is the soul for all Digital Signages. ESCO is the only system integrator in Singapore who has a specialised team equipped with the capability to design and deliver customised still and interactive digital media content.

Audio Systems


ESCO provides audio solutions to enhance the setting of your work environment. Whether you are sourcing for a simple microphone or a sophisticated audio amplifier, we are fully capable and skilled in recommending you the best solution based on your requirements. Our audio specialist will advise and work with you to define what you need and how much you should expect to spend. Our highly qualified engineers will see to meet the right solutions and equip you with the best. To ensure quality services, we work with the leading brands of both professional and home audio solutions to ensure that our customers gets the most cost effective products according to their budget and specifications. Beyond our products, our friendly engineers are adept in ensuring that you get the precise advice on ESCO's audio solutions.​

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