Challenging Limits With Jason Lim

September 4, 2018

Singapore’s first ever “R U Tough Enough” (RUTE) Challenge – brought to you by SingtelTV and KIX HD – searches for the toughest countryman by putting the participants’ physical, mental and emotional resilience to the test. Jason Lim – VP, Project Management Office, a top 10 finalist who also participated in the recent Singapore Spartan Sprint, shares about his journey and advice in the race to becoming Singapore’s toughest.



Inspired by his children, Jason started his journey towards fitness and healthy living at the age of 40. According to Jason, the differences in age between him and the other participants has not stopped him from achieving excellence as he believes different age groups have their respective advantages.


Jason pointed out that being fit and tough has more to it than just the physical aspect, where he stated that it is “the ability to pick yourself up when you are at your lowest”; taking importance in emotional and mental resilience as well.




Jason’s greatest takeaway in terms of effectiveness and enjoyment thus far, is training together with friends and family as they gave him the extra boost that pushed him to his limits. This unlocked hidden potentials which propelled him to greater heights as he believes that quality is better than quantity.


Through what he has achieved, Jason wishes to inspire his family and others alike to “brace themselves for the challenges ahead in life, where nobody ‘plans to fail’ but ‘fails to plan’”; hoping to prepare others to have a game plan to reach their goals and grasp the mentality to never give up. He models the way by achieving all that he has despite suffering from plantar fasciitis, which causes the bottom of his feet to hurt whenever he walks.


As Jason continues to take part in many other events, his advice to others is simply to have the mindset to achieve your dream or goal – whether you desire to achieve or believe that you can achieve.

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